Studio Mattes was founded by Charlie Martens in 2014 in a small Belgian village named Berbroek. Charlie Martens created his own world in his studio. A world of freedom, imagination and quality.

His hunger and passion for new creations in making stoneware tableware for top chefs, is appreciated in an international gastronomic world in a short time.

Studio Mattes has it's own tableware collections, but for most of the time we work with our clients on making their own tableware ideas come to life.

“ It’s not only about plates. It is about a whole concept for your restaurant. Vases, spoons, candleholders, cutlery, lamps, etc."

Charlie Martens is archaic in the crafting and simultaneously contemporary in design. He also uses semi-industrial techniques in an unconventional way to get a maximum of creativity in his designs. He is always in search of new creations finding inspiration in art, music, nature…

“I create every day, every week, every month… It is an never ending hunger for creating the perfect plate, bowl, cup… a marriage with clay and glazes to finally get somewhere. To go on a culinary magic carpet ride to anywhere (you desire ) ...who cares ....as long as its right for you !!!!“

Studio Mattes has certain signature characteristics.

Imperfection is one of the ideas which is often used in studio's collections. Extreme cracks and dents in the plates give them a certain human character. They are imperfect until chef creates his perfect dish on it. These plates are never the same and carry their own past. It’s called clay memory. It is the way you treat the clay since the first moment till the last. When you open the kiln the magic is revealed. Ceramists satisfaction or disappointment… Each item is unique. Not completely the same, not too different either. And we kind of know why.

All our products are handcrafted in our Studio in Berbroek and fired between 1250°C and 1300°C degrees to get the maximum strength. They are all food save and dishwasher proof.

Studio Mattes Handmade in Belguim